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The Two Towers

The Medieval Realms server has been replaced! The old dedicated server has been running since 2017 and I felt it was about time to replace the hardware before it starts to creak!  With this in mind I have been on a shopping spree - just please do not let my...

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ServerLink – Website Level Up

Hi there, A bit of an update today on what’s going on. To begin with let me tell you about some actual development progress - i.e. ServerLink. Now the reason why this is in the Web Blog and not in the Dev Blog is simply because I want the Dev Blog to remain a record...

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Greetings, I thought it was about time there was an update on what is going on over at the Medieval Realms Development Studio. Also known as the “fun corner” of my office. Straight up I can say that the new plugin version is coming on well although I would love to...

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Survival Time

Combined survival time of all Medieval Realms’ players









Connect to multiplayer game: server.medievalrealms.co.uk