Medieval Realms


Welcome to Medieval Realms

We are a community of like-minded Rising World players who love to build in a challenging medieval environment.

The server runs a plugin that builds on the vanilla version of Rising World. Adding an additional layer of features and experiences aimed at players wishing to play in the middle ages.

The plugin and this website are developed by me, Yahwho.  I also run the server’s hardware, software, and networking. It’s a lot of work for one man, especially as it’s a free time activity on top of my day job. So, you’ll notice large parts of this website appear pretty rough. Getting the content out there is my first objective. So please bear with me whilst I work away. An incomplete website is better than no website at all.

If you would like to help out please do consider giving a small donation and/or by answering this questionnaire.

Although learning to code better is a lot of fun for me (yes I know I’m weird) the server and website do have continual running costs – which ultimately fall on me. All donations made go directly towards the monthly running costs. As a token of thanks your account will be credited with additional crowns as a thank you for your much needed support.

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