First Blog Post

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I bet you are super exciting huh? Okay maybe not super excited.

In this, and future posts you will find out (hopefully useful) information about Medieval Realms and Rising World. In short, stuff that is not directly related to the development of the plugin.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming Unity rewrite of Rising World, as I am sure you are too. The very talented and hard working lead developer – Red51 – is uploading some very beautiful screenshots of what they are cooking up in the JIW Games kitchen. With that in mind let us take a peeky at the eye candy.

Rising World Unity build - mine preview demonstrating dynamic lighting
Rising World Unity build – mine preview demonstrating dynamic lighting
Rising World Unity build - environment preview
Rising World Unity build – environment preview

Beautiful huh? These inspiring screenshots have motivated me to have a go at procedural terrain generation myself. I can tell you now from experience – it is blooming hard. Here are a few captures of my novice attempts.

A spiky landscape with simple trees
A spiky landscape with water

Complete Rewrite

You can find out more about my programming work over at But that is enough about the amateurs! Let us get back on track. When the new Unity build is deployed, I am going to completely rewrite Medieval Realms again from scratch. This will in fact be the third full rewrite of the plugin code . Hopefully you will understand that this rewrite is going to take a lot of work, and as such existing features in MR will have to reintroduced one at a time.

The first two features you will see return will be the economy system (Crowns) and the player controlled land control system (AXES). Afterwards, work will then begin on additional features. Including but by no means limited to; player owned shops, animal breeding, leader-boards, fast travel, and of course – gemstones.


Rising World as a game is aimed at survival and technological development. The game developers (yes there are two now) intend that players start off with primitive tools and through hard work and labour you work your way up to modern day technologies and luxuries. In contrast Medieval Realms does not like change. In fact some might say we are living in the dark ages. Me, I like to think we just prefer simpler times. The sweet sound of a pickaxe melodically chipping away at stone accompanied by the gentle crackle of a animal fat torch. Lighting – and warming – your way through the cold darkness. We do not want to live in a world with the electrical buzz of artificial lights. Our tranquillity will not be disturbed by noisy mining drills, petrol chainsaws and bursts of automatic gun fire.

We believe battles should be fought with sword and shield. Above all else, a life should not be slain with the simple squeeze of a finger. Therefore gain honour through chivalry and noble deeds. With all this in mind be sure when Medieval Realms returns for Unity we will be as true as ever to our middle age dream!

Speed & Efficiency

The development of Medieval Realms 0.2.0 will be very much focused on plugin performance. And therefore will be the first MR version to be fully multi-threaded. I may have gone a little quiet on the plugin version updates but reset assured I have not stopped. Research and prototyping have been on the menu. Consequently empowering Medieval Realms for future development. Working off core components designed from the ground up with scalability and extend-ability on the forefront.

Until next time, fare-thee-well!