Hi everyone. The main Medieval Realms plugin has been delayed due to some further missing API calls. So we’ll have to wait until the next Rising World update before the plugin can be launched.

In the meantime, I’ll look at creating a few utility plugins. The first of which is now live on the MR server. It’s called DropTorch, it’s a SSP (super simple plugin) that modifies the way dropped torches work.

Instead of a 15 second burn timer and then the torch goes out. These torches stay lit for 5 minutes. To prevent server spamming each player can only drop 10 torches, once the 11th torch is dropped, the 1st torch is removed.

Note, after the 5 minutes is up for each torch, the torch burns out completly and can no longer be picked up.

This will make mining easier as you no longer have to keep placing standing torches.

As a reminder, Medieval Realms is a medieval themed server. Currently there are some modern day items that we can not yet block – such as bulkhead lights. Do not be tempted to make these, as they will be removed as soon as the API / configuration facilities in place to do so.