Hi there,

A bit of an update today on what’s going on. To begin with let me tell you about some actual development progress – i.e. ServerLink. Now the reason why this is in the Web Blog and not in the Dev Blog is simply because I want the Dev Blog to remain a record of Medieval Realms version updates. And this is not a MR update per se.

I’ve been working on a new plugin behind the scenes – ServerLink. This plugin enables two-way communications between the Application Server (MR server) and the Web Server (this website).  Effectively meaning that the server and the website can now “talk” to each other.

Some of you may have noticed that there is a “Server” section in the footer of this website. Giving “information” (air quotes certainly necessary) about server status, unlocked status, and players online. The eagle eyed amongst you will have also noticed that this was just a placeholder. The server was always online and unlocked and as for the player count – well that was “not a number”! Regardless of any truth.

This project has been on the back burner for a while, but I’ve finally turned the heat up on it. So ServerLink is now finally in version 1.0 – meaning it can go live, and indeed it is.

You will now see that the website the servers’ status is now updated – in real-time! The website will tell you now (reliably) whether or not the server is online, whether it is accepting connections (i.e. password protected or not), how many players are online, total registered players, current weather condition and even the time of day.

Now doing all this has enabled some cool dynamic website effects too. On the sites’ homepage, just above the footer is a new “featured video” section. This sections’ background image will change to reflect the current weather condition on the server.

So, whilst I can’t do much more on the main MR plugin now, I’m shifting the Eye of Sauron onto the website. So, expect 404 pages and broken bits! I’m going to endeavour to make the website cross platform friendly – meaning desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

This isn’t the most glamourous work – and it’s quite tedious. So, this may take some time…

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