Medieval Realms Rebooted

Today I would like to talk to you about the future of Medieval Realms. As you may already be aware MR is going to be rebooted with the new Unity version of Rising World.

But what will the new MR look like? Well it’s not going to be the same as before. To start with a lot of the current features are going to be missing. These include; the league tables, XP system, custom user interface, custom avatars, player controlled shops, server controlled shops, physical coins, NPC bounties, online stats, potions, and (sadly) gemstones. Geeze, will there be anything left?

I hear you cry “why?”. Let me explain a little. I’m a regular contributor to the official Rising World forums and I read pretty much everything that’s posted there. In particular posts that are authored by Red51 – the game developer. MR is closed source, i.e. the features on MR are not publicly available for other servers to install and are only available to players on MR. Naturally some of these features I’ve written are desirable to the RW community as a whole. 

Is that your Gemstone or mine?

For example, I’ve had a lot of people asking me how I got gemstones on the server and where they can download the plugin for them. Unfortunately for them gemstones are a fully integrated part of the MR plugin and therefore can not be unpicked and offered publicly. But it appears now that Red51 is looking to make gemstones part of the core game after receiving many requests from the player base. I mean who wouldn’t? Gemstones are super cool huh? Don’t forget you saw them here first! Hehe. But sadly, that also means that a unique part of our server dies along with it. I am reluctant to invest time into re-coding the gemstones system until I know exactly what gemstones the RW developers are going to add to the core game. It may even make this feature fully redundant? Watch this space!

Another core aspect that needs to be postponed is currency (to a degree) and shops. As the RW developers have also stated they will be bringing shops into the core game. At least via the interaction of certain NPCs. Again, unfortunately I feel I need to wait to see what this is going to look like before I can really invest time into re-coding the existing servers shopping system. Believe me, I’ve invested a lot of time into this! From the get go there will be some kind of currency system though, as this will be needed for the land claim system. Not exactly sure how that will work yet…

Gooey Gooey Gone!

As for the user interface? Well, this too unfortunately is going to have to be scaled back. I have received confirmation that the old API GUI elements will (more than likely) still work via a translator but the new custom GUI stuff going forward will work differently – on a technology called Flexbox. And if any one here has ever been brave enough to code a GUI without the aid of a GUI, they will know that it’s a painstakingly hard exercise. One I am not eager to repeat. Especially as Flexbox will allow developers to easily create RW custom GUIs via a GUI. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Having said that, the new version of MR will include some basic custom user interfaces. For example the selling land confirmation box.

The Last of The Middle Ages

Enough already of the “what’s not coming” I want to know what’s going to be left after this immense feature cull? Well not much really. No I jest. The core backbone of MR will be returning with the first release. That is to say the land claim system. It will need some time to be tailored to the new Unity release of RW and some testing – it’s all new code. I may initially make the new server password protected for a short period of time in order to undertake some basic public testing.

Once we’re confident the new backbone is holding strong, and once a little more light has been shed on the roadmap of Rising World. I’ll be in a position to add some new features.

Modern day items, will of course, be locked out again. I think that goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway.