I thought it was about time there was an update on what is going on over at the Medieval Realms Development Studio. Also known as the “fun corner” of my office.

Straight up I can say that the new plugin version is coming on well although I would love to have more free time to be working on it. Some rather difficult technical obstacles have already been overcome. But plenty more difficulties still lie ahead. Remember, I am not a professional programmer, I do not develop software professionally. I never have. This is just my geeky hobby. Which I feel like I may be getting better at? Maybe?

Looking at the news coming out from JIW Games it appears that the multiplayer server will be available some time before the world generation is complete. This includes the reintroduction of vegetation and NPCs such as bandits and skeletons.

Unfortunately, these are immutable facts.

The Good

So, taking a positive stance on this. You have to, don’t you? I have decided that what will happen with the new Medieval Realms is that a pre-release server will be deployed. In other words, as soon as it is possible for a multiplayer server to go live – one will. This will undoubtedly be a vanilla server with a temporal life.

Ultimately this means that the server will be reset at some point in the future. The positives are that you will have a MP server to play on with other MR players from day one and we will get to experiment with the new game’s mechanics.

The Bad

The negative side is that when MR is mature enough to “go live” the server will have to be reset. This means the slate will be wiped clean and any buildings you will have made, and any supplies you will have accumulated will be deleted from the server. I will stress now; this will not be done until two critical pre-requisites are fulfilled. First being the ability for you to blueprint (and therefore save) your creations, and Two, a reasonable amount of time has passed after the notification that the server will be reset. This will probably be a period of four weeks after the initial notification. But please, do not hold me to that! Things do change.

And the Ugly

As you may already know the plugin is being extensively rewritten from the ground up, and naturally has had no testing with the new game. There is a good chance that a lot of features will not work straight away and will require some fixing. Many features are still not even rewritten. Medieval Realms 0.1.8 is after all the product of over three years’ worth of work…

Our vanilla server will slowly become more flavoursome as I test and reintroduce features, bit by bit.

Finally, I can confirm it is my plan to keep both the Java and Unity versions of the server running concurrently. At least until a point in time where there is little or no activity on the Java version.