The Medieval Realms server has been replaced! The old dedicated server has been running since 2017 and I felt it was about time to replace the hardware before it starts to creak! 

With this in mind I have been on a shopping spree – just please do not let my better half find out!

I have gone off and bought a new enterprise level Dell PowerEdge server. This server came with an empty CPU2 socket. So what did I do? I did what any sane man would do – I bought another Xeon processor and heatsink to match and installed them both. No more empty, looking sorry-for-itself, second socket. 

But why stop there? The server came with 16GB of memory. Fairly substantial you may agree for a dedicated Rising World server. After all, the old server was only recently upgraded from 8GB to 16GB and that never had any problems. But with the second CPU now installed and the memory distributed across the two memory banks each CPU now only had 8GB to play with. This felt like a step back, and boy did those modules sure look lonely.

Enduring a little digression, over the years my day job requires me to purchase a lot of IT equipment, and over these years I have accrued some great connections in the world of hardware. After mentioning – in passing – my project to one of my suppliers they made me an offer I could not refuse. They had a huge amount of RAM modules for the server I was building that they had in stock. A little bit of haggling later and I was walking away with 64GB of ECC server memory. That’s right, the new Medieval Realms server now has 64 gigabytes of memory! 

Striding on with the build, and now with two Xeon processors, 64GB of memory, keeping the HDD array it came with seemed like a bonkers bottleneck. So that too needed to be upgraded. The drives were whipped out and hit with a sledgehammer. That was some good stress relief I can tell you! A quick trip over to Amazon and a little more wallet bleeding later, and the next day two brand new Samsung Evo 860 SSDs along with fat bay converters were in my hand. A little tinkering later and the new SSD RAID 1 array was all in place.

Medieval Realms now runs off of a twin Xeon processor system, 64 GB of ECC RAM, with a RAID 1 SSD array.