Hi Everyone, 

The new Rising World update was released on Friday, 2nd February, and as I am sure, most of you will have already tried it out.

So this is probably a good juncture in time to give you an update on all things Medieval Realms.

The new API is now out which should enable the reintroduction of shops, including the Realm’s bank. 

Having a bank that accepts gold ingots will enable us to remove the crowns for time played, or at the very least, seriously reduce the pay-outs for time played (sometimes rewarding afk time).

The New Biomes

Let’s start off with a serious subject though: biomes. The Rising World update introduced some new biomes and these biomes only generate in unexplored land. Unfortunately, that makes them very difficult to find as there has been a lot of exploring already undertaken. Afterall, Medieval Realms is the oldest Unity multiplayer server for Rising World.

So, we were left with the possibility that the server would have to be reset, which would mean players would lose everything they had. In-game items, crowns, builds, location, everything. 

Yeah sure, we could allow blueprints for a while but this would in fact cause us a lot of problems in the future with MR being a pure survival server. And this would only partially solve one problem. Regardless, to me this was the last thing I would want to do. Too much time and effort have gone into your builds, and I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep them safe. 

No Knee Jerking

After a lot of thinking and some discussions, it looks like it is possible to remove some islands near the spawn island and replace them with new virgin biomes. 

The replacement biomes will naturally be ones that have been recently introduced. Now, understandably, and somewhat unfortunately, this will mean some builds that are located on islands further out from spawn will be lost.

I will make an announcement beforehand and let players know which sectors are going to be reset. So if you live in one of these realms you will have a chance to evacuate the sector (for example, you may have a lot of gold stored up). In exceptional circumstances I may assist those players with relocation.

So again, I repeat, Medieval Realms will not be reset. The vast majority of the builds will be safe. Builds on the spawn island, and at minimum, those on the surrounding eight islands are safe. If you have traveled further out, please stay tuned in for the list of sectors that will be reset. 

This process will take a few weeks at the very least. Working in IT I know that planning and preparation are key to any successful migration or system change. 

I will be testing this whole process out on a test server with a backup of the existing world, so there is no doubt in its success and any possible issues are discovered and addressed before we make changes to the production environment.

Next MR Update

So what next? What’s going to happen after the new biomes are introduced into areas closer to spawn? Will we get shops and gemstones back?

This is a very common question I get asked, so I will try to comprehensively answer it here.

I have not, up to this point, been able to start working on the above features as the API (the thing that links MR into RW) lacked these abilities. 

And because I was not able to do so, I have been working on some other stuff, because after all MR is my hobby, I love to code and I love to learn new things.

With that said, I can tell you this, I’ve been working on an update to the current plugin that will introduce some further improvements to the land claim system (AXES). I’ve also been rewriting Medieval Realms’ helper plugin called ServerLink. ServerLink is what links the MR Application Server to the MR Web Server. And with that in mind, I’ve also been rebuilding a new website too, that includes its own bespoke MR WordPress plugin.

I’ve never written a WordPress plugin before, so it’s been a difficult, yet rewarding experience. Mainly difficult.

The website is still far from being complete, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make the site live until it’s ready – so don’t expect the new website to be launched any time soon.

Having said that I am aiming to have the new plugin features ready for the end of February. Details of which will be announced when the update is ready.

I would love to say that all of this will be ready sooner than it is, but my time these days is very much restricted with a heavy workload and living in a fixer upper house.

Hobbies are great, when you have the time.