Well, it’s finally here, the long-awaited World Generation update for the new Unity version of Rising World!
There are several important things to note:

1. The Medieval Realms server will be operating on an admin-free basis as it was with the Java version. However, currently there is no API – which means no area protection/land claims.

2. The server will run as a PvE server until the API is available. After which we can then get the server back up and running as a mixed-mode PvE and PvP one.

3. You are unable to craft modern-day items, if you try to craft one, you will see an insufficient privileges error on screen. Red has said this will be improved in later updates.

4. The `distance to player` field on the Tab menu has been temporarily removed. If you wish to find a quiet spot away from the initial spawn to build in relative safety, you’ll be able to do so without someone easily being able to track you down. Once the API is released, we will probably turn this `distance to player` back on.

5. There is currently no map in Rising World, so getting lost is quite easy. If you press F3 twice (on Windows) you’ll pass through the debug menu and will get a “GPS plugin” like display. This will show your current X, Y, and Z coordinates. Make a note of these coordinates or simply take a screenshot using F12 (on Windows) to help keep track of your builds.

6. The new version of Medieval Realms (version 1.0.0) is being developed; it’s been in development since the last version 0.1.8 was released in October 2020 for the Java version. This will reintroduce land claiming for the Unity version, as well as some other new and unique features.

7. Because land claiming will make a reappearance before the economy system does, a temporary solution of crowns-for-gametime will be used. Once the economy system is ready, this crowns-for-gametime will be removed.

8. Finally, a polite reminder that Medieval Realms is a family-friendly server. You’ll find that being abusive to other players will earn you a lifetime ban. So please be nice and treat other how you would wish to be treated yourself.