About Medieval Realms

Medieval Realms is an independently run themed multiplayer server. Here you are welcome to come build your very own medieval kingdom and explore those of others built in the great game that is Rising World. The server offers both PVE and PVP game modes. In order to play on MR you must read and accept the Server Rules.

Main Features

  • PVE Mode – other players won’t be able to attack you, but NPCs can
  • PVP Mode – not only are the NPCs after you, so too are the other PVP players
  • Individual player statistics – recording an ever increasing amount of player stats
  • Land purchase and sale (by AXES – a player controlled build / asset protection system)
  • In game currency – we run an in game economy based on a currency called crowns
  • XP system, ranks, and leader boards – earn XP points and not just with time spend online!
  • Chat action commands such as whisper and shout – talk to locals or talk to the whole realm
  • Shops –  buy and sell various in game assets via the shops
  • Automated animal spawning on already discovered land (currently in testing)
  • Ability to create blueprints of your buildings

PVE Game Play

In PVE mode you are up against the world. Using AXES you can purchase land where your creations and assets are protected against all players.

  • Invulnerable against other players attacks
  • Can use /sos even whilst injured
  • Can change to PVP after 24 hours (not game time)
  • Earn around 200 crowns for every hour of survival time

PVP Game Play

You can choose PVP mode and dual other PVP players. You will also be able to harvest (loot) their crops. Players with PVP mode active still have their builds and assets protected with AXES.

  • Only fight with, and be fought by, other PVP players
  • Players may fight anywhere on the server apart from in the protected spawn areas (the server just won’t let you)
  • Earn twice as many crowns for your survival time over PVE players
  • You will not be able to use /sos whilst injured or whilst in combat with anther PVP player
  • Can change to PVE after 24 hours  of no kills (not game time)
  • Earn around 400 crowns for every hour of survival time
  • You can take other PVP players crowns by attacking them. Up to a maximum of 20 crowns per hit.
  • You have the chance of taking a large sum of crowns from another PVP player by killing them. Up to a maximum of 1,000 crowns.