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Medieval Realms is an independently run themed multiplayer server. Here you are welcome to come build your very own medieval kingdom and explore those of others built in the great game that is Rising World. The server offers both PVE and PVP game modes.

main features

Medieval Realms is like no other Rising World multiplayer server. The crafting of all modern day game assets are locked. Every player is treated equally and there are no restrictions on build size or login times. Your builds will not be deleted just because you haven’t logged in for a while!

There is no need for administrators to allocate you a protected area to safely build. On Medieval Realms you are responsible for protecting your own land. This is achieved by a system known as AXES where you can both buy and sell land.

Medieval Realms is the only server that offers players the option to play in PVE or PVP mode. You can even switch between game modes once every 24 hours (or 24 hours after your last player-to-player combat). PVP players can only attack, mug, and kill other PVP players. With more danger comes greater rewards.

 The server keeps track of your game progress. Recording a variety of statistical information all displayed in a graphical interface.


Since 2017

The Medieval Realms server  went public on Sunday 3rd December 2017 in celebration of Rising Worlds three year birthday. I loved the game, loved the attitude of the developer, loved the community, and just wanted to give something back!

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Go buy Rising World and connect to our multiplayer server via – server.medievalrealms.co.uk

team medieval

We’re a small team offering our time and work for free. 



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