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MRSH develops plugins for Rising World using Java, MySQL, and PHP

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Medieval Realms 0.1.7

The Medieval Realms world is created by you - the player. Without doubt our world is now massive. Collectively we surpassed the four-year milestone last month. A truly amazing feat. When I launched the server back in 2017, I had no idea the server and our community...

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Medieval Realms 0.1.8

This is possibly the last major update to the Medieval Realms Plugin on the JMonkey engine. In fact I am almost certain it will be. The next major update will be version 0.2.0 - a complete rewrite for the Unity engine release. It's been a rollercoaster of learning for...

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Medieval Realms 0.1.6

This is a draft post! 🙄 Greetings everyone, First of all in case you have not noticed yet, we just hit 4 years of game time yesterday. Congratulations all - that's a lot of building! Now down to the latest update I've been working on - version 0.1.6 This...

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