Medieval Realms

So you want to know what this is all about? Then read on my friend, read on.

Before you play on the server make sure you read the server rules.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The server runs a custom plugin that acts as an extra layer on top of the vanilla version of Rising World. Adding extra features, functionality, and a new user-experience for all you medieval builders out there! If medieval building and survival game-play isn’t your thing, then you’re probably in the wrong place.


Hi! I’m Yahwho and I write Medieval Realms. I’m a huge fan of Rising World,  exploration, coffee, medieval history,  and I love writing code.

They say in order to master a craft you must first have a craft to master. Or maybe I just made that up?

Either way it sounds good and that’s why I’m doing this.

Creating MR is my hobby, it’s a great way for me to learn how to code better, discover new technologies and overcome often complex real-world problems (well kind of). 

I’m a self-taught, hobbyist programmer, and almost every aspect of MR is created by me. Except for planks and beams written by Miwarre, and teleports by Minotorious.

So with that in mind, here’s what I’ve been up to in my spare time since 2017. . .


Accolades eXended Ensconce System

Area Protection

I’m pretty proud to say AXES was the first ever player controlled economy-integrated land claim and ownership system in Rising World. *Gasps for air* Boy that was a long sentence. But yep that’s right. Launched back in January 2018 the original AXES allowed players for the first time to claim their own land.

Claiming land is super simple. Move to the location you want to buy, press the P key (think: protect) and so long as you have enough crowns in your bank you’ll buy the deed to the land.

Use the V key (think: view) to manage your land, C key (think: clear) to hide the your ownership view, and your B key (think: bin. I know that’s not a great one!) to sell the deed.

The/friends command enables you to control who has access to your land.

No Admins

The ultimate goal of Medieval Realms is to create an admin-free server. I want this to be a world where every plank and every beam has come from a tree and every block has been mined from the earth. No super-men or wonder-women. Flying around with infinite building and demolition skills.

In order for this to work the server needs to help you control the environment. 


My precious. Gemstone are rare, precious things. Use them to trade with other players or cash them in at the bank.


Currency is based primarily on crowns and gemstones. The bank will also buy ingots of silver, gold and mithril from you.

Set Home

Set your home location by simply using a bed. Wherever you are on the server you can fast travel home by pressing the H key (Think: Home).

Fast Travel

Return to the spawn at anytime using the /sos command. You’ll also find a teleport (fast travel) between the two Cities.


PVP Survival Leaderboard

The server keeps on track of the top players in PVP survival mode

PVE Survival Leaderboard

The server keeps on track of the top players in PVE survival mode

XP Leaderboard

The server keeps track of the top players by Experience Points.

Rich List Leaderboard

The server keeps track of the top players by bank balance.

Land Owners Leaderboard

The server keeps track of the top players by land owned.

PVP and PVE modes

Chose to play in either PvP or PvE mode and even switch between the two once every 24 hours


Who is as clever as a fox?

How do I earn crowns?

You get 1000 crowns for every hour you are on the server. Sell items to the spawn shops. If you are playing in PvP mode you can also get crowns from other PVP players by attacking them.

You also get crowns as bounty for killing bandits. You can also find gemstones which each have an equivalent crowns value.

How do I buy land?

To buy land press the P key.

How do I sell land?

To sell land press the B key.

Some item say LOCKED can unlock them?

No. This is a themed Rising World server. Those listed as LOCKED are modern day game items.

How do I rank up?

Ranking up is achieved by gaining XP points. XP points can be gained in a variety of different ways. XP is gained passively by survival time, by killing bandits, destroying the undead, killing dangerous animals, and by finding gemstones. Be careful though as you can also loose XP by dying.

Are planks and beams available?

Yes, the popular Planks n Beams texture plugin written by Miwarre is available on Medieval Realms.

To run Planks and Beams type in /pnb into the chat console.

Can I make blueprints?

Yes. There is support for blueprints on this server. You are allowed to blueprint your own buildings in your AXES protected areas. You may then use your blueprints on other servers and your own single player worlds.

Can I use blueprints?

No. Unfortunately blueprints do not require resources. Therefore until blueprints can be charged for they will not be permitted on Medieval Realms.

Can I fly?

No. This is a realistic survival server.

Can I be an admin?

No. There is no need for admins on Medieval Realms as the server plugin manages the world automatically. Please do not request to be considered as an admin.

Animal Breeding & Domestication

Development Blog

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