Animal Breeding


 Caution: Contains adult humour  


Animals that can be domesticated: Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Goats, Sheep, and Deer.

The animal breeding process is not simple, so I will try and explain here how it is done.

Animals will eat almost any food, certain foods the animal really loves and they will not leave you alone until they get bored. They’re expecting to be fed their favourite food again! You will have to experiment to find out what foods they will and won’t go wild for.

With this knowledge you can then find animals and lure them into cages or pens. You will need to find at least one male and one female. Males are indicated with blue writing females with pink.

There are 6 animal breeding potions and each potion has 3 variants – which increase in strength (i.e. the likelihood it will work).

The basic potions area craftable anywhere, the more advanced potions are craftable via your Workbench, and the best potions are craftable via your Workbench Tech II.

The potions are as follows:

Animal Basic Enhanced Superior
Sheep Ramshorn Enhanced Ramshorn Superior Ramshorn
Cows Bullsvein Enhanced Bullsvein Superior Bullsvein
Chickens Roostersclaw Enhanced Roostersclaw Superior Roostersclaw
Goats Goatsgruff Enhanced Goatsgruff Superior Goatsgruff
Pigs Swineswill Enhanced Swineswill Superior Swineswill
Deer Bucksluck Enhanced Bucksluck Superior Bucksluck


 The weaker the potion, the higher change it will fail!

If a potion fails to work you will see the message “The potion made no effect! Perhaps it wasn’t quite strong enough?”

When a potion works, you will see the message “The animal has a twinkle in his eye after drinking the special brew.” At this point a close by female will be pregnant. 

You only need one stud! So with this in mind when it’s time to take animals to the slaugher, it’s probably advisable to go for the extra males. Sorry guys!