Our First Brush Strokes

Let’s get the core of our plugin written. We’re going to add loads of comments so it’s super simple to read. When the plugin starting (the calling of onEnable() override) we’re going to start a heartbeat timer which will ask the system what the...

Deciding Our Behaviours

I know I know, you want to jump in there and throw ingredients left right and centre and make some fantastic code stew. But let’s hold the horses for a moment and think. Do we want vegetable soup or do we want lamb(da) soup What does our server shutdown plugin...

Hello Rising World

Hi and welcome to Code Soup! Your Rising World soup kitchen for code. Ever wanted to write a plugin but don’t know how? We’ll hopefully using these Code Soup posts I’ll help nourish your plugin development skills with good old fashioned medieval...


A unique user experience set in the middle ages for the epic game that is Rising World. Check out the Dev Blog for latest update news.


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