Hi and welcome to Code Soup! Your Rising World soup kitchen for code. Ever wanted to write a plugin but don’t know how? We’ll hopefully using these Code Soup posts I’ll help nourish your plugin development skills with good old fashioned medieval pottage stew. Thickly made, rich code soup with vegetable attributes and wholesome grain overrides. Enjoyed best with a bug free crusty loaf bread and some hearty compiler mead.

Okay so here goes, what we’re going to do together is create a new plugin. But first we’re going to walk through the basics of setting up your JDK (Java Development Environment) and then we’ll move onto creating a very simple automatic server shutdown plugin, together.


[code lang=”java”]
package com.teammedieval.hellorisingworld;
public class HelloRisingWorld {

pubic Static void main String ( args [] ) {
System.out.println("Hello Rising World");




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