Let’s get the core of our plugin written. We’re going to add loads of comments so it’s super simple to read. When the plugin starting (the calling of onEnable() override) we’re going to start a heartbeat timer which will ask the system what the current time is. We’re not really concerned what the time is exactly, so a rough time will surface – we’ll ask once every minute. Once this timer knows that the current time is the same as the scheduled time we’ll start a second timer which will begin our shutdown event, and kill our first timer. Brutal.

[code lang=”java”]

package risingworldshutdown;

import net.risingworld.api.Plugin;
import net.risingworld.api.Server;
import net.risingworld.api.Timer;

public class RisingWorldShutdown extends Plugin {

private Timer heartbeat_timer;
private Timer shutdown_timer;
private final int HOUR = 18;
private final int MINUTE = 0;
private Server server;
private int remaining_time = 60;

public void onEnable() {

//lets grab a reference to our server
server = getServer();
//check every minute, no delay in checking, keep it up
heartbeat_timer = new Timer(60.0f, 0.0f, -1, () -> {

//if the heatbeat time is the same as our schudeled time
if ( java.time.LocalTime.now().getHour() == HOUR
&& java.time.LocalTime.now().getMinute() == MINUTE ) {
//kill the heart
//begin the shutdown

//start our heart

//every 10 seconds, no delay in checking, keep it up
shutdown_timer = new Timer(10.0f, 0.0f, -1, () ->; {
//let’s grab all the players on the server and go through them
getServer().getAllPlayers().forEach((player) ->; {
//send them a warning message
player.sendYellMessage("SERVER RESTARTING IN "
+ remaining_time + " SECONDS.");
//let’s also beep at them just to be sure!

//if our remaining time is up. . .
if ( remaining_time <= 0 ) {
//shutdown the server gracefully.
server.shutdown(); }
// reduce our counter by the delay
remaining_time-= 10;


public void onDisable() {





That’s the core done. With that code compiled your server will begin a shutdown at 6pm every day – and for one minute prior to the shutdown it will warn all online players of the impending inevitable. But what we really need now is some way to change the time to suit our needs, without having to edit the code and recompile each time! That’ll been explained in our next article – reading from XML.