Here you will find a complete list of available commands.



There are a few chat console commands you can use on Medieval Realms.


  • Launch planks and beams: /pnb
  • Top 10 survivors list: /survivors
  • Top 10 XP leaders: /leaders
  • Top 10 richest players: /richlist
  • Add a friend to your lands: /add friend <PlayerName>
  • Remove a friend: /remove friend <PlayerName>
  • View your statistics: /stats
  • View your balance: /balance or /crowns
  • Save our souls! (fast travel to city centre): /sos
  • Send admin a message: /report <message>
  • Chat only to those within 50 meters of you: /w <message>
  • Shout a message to all server players: /s <message>
  • Set game mode to PVP: /pvp
  • Set game mode to PVE: /pve


There are a few console commands (available via the pipe key – the one under the escape button).


  • Set rotation: setr [integer]
  • Set length: setl [integer]
  • Set precision: setp [integer]
  • Turn hud on: hud on
  • Turn hud off: hud off


A unique user experience set in the middle ages for the epic game that is Rising World. Check out the Dev Blog for latest update news.


Server status: Online
Accepting connections: Yes



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