About Medieval Realms

Medieval Realms is a Rising World themed server where you can build your very own medieval kingdom and become part of a larger medieval world, where survival and coin is key.

Servers Key Features;

  • Player Controlled Land Claim System (no admin needed!)
  • Recorded Survival Time
  • Recorded Personal Best Survival Time
  • Crowns in-game currency
  • XP based ranking system (not just time based!)

What to expect on Medieval Realms

  • PvE
  • A polite atmosphere – griefing, and offensive language will result in a lifetime server ban
  • English speaking server – please use direct messages if you wish to speak in any other language
  • Long days – (and long nights!). We don’t like time moving too fast! Note, if its night time and all players are in their bed then the game will automatically progress to the next morning.
  • The expectation that you’re going to build something medieval. If you build something like a Nuclear Power Station or a Rocket Launch Pad be aware the admins may well remove it and without warning.
  • A health bar! Yes, this is a survival server.
  • Bears, wolves, dear, bores, chickens, cows, and pigs!
  • And finally, when you create a new kingdom or building expect a path to eventually follow; these paths help players explore your medieval world!

What not to expect on Medieval Realms

  • PvP
  • Full creative mode
  • Fly mode
  • Unlimited blocks
  • Modern day items
  • Teleport