Medieval Realms 0.1.3

It's been 6 months since the last Medieval Realms update (wow really that long?). This update fixes the server controlled shops, so now you can both sell to and buy from the server shops both at the old spawn (0:0) and new spawn (10,000:10,000) . Shops that have been...

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Medieval Realms 0.1.2

Greetings everyone! A tiny update with a big message! The crowns-per-hour system is now working again. In other news... I think it’s about time to explain what is going on with Medieval Realms. I’m sure some may even have started to wonder… First off - I have all...

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Medieval Realms 0.1.1

Hi everyone This one’s a super-bug-fix! First, I’ll give you the bad news and follow up with my reasoning – which I hope you will appreciate. When I launched version on Mar 23, 2019, I inadvertently broke the crowns-per-hour reward system. What can I say?...

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Medieval Realms 0.1.0

Hello everyone. This one's a biggy! I've been working on Medieval Realms 0.1.0 since October 2018. It's been six months in the making, and we are finally here. I've been getting up a few hours early each morning to get some coding time in before work (not to mention...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.8

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce to you Medieval Realms version 0.0.8. But first off I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, especially to those who have kindly donated towards Medieval Realms.  There are many spectacular and inspirational...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.7

To PvP or to PvE? That is the Question This updates main feature is the ability to choose what kind of game-play you are after - PvE or PVP. Not sure what kind you want to play as? No worries! You can switch between game modes once every 24 hours. When you first join...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.6

Shops shops shops! Blacksmiths, Tannery, and The Farm Shop This update bring the ability to buy and sell more items - namely Iron, Tungsten, Copper, and Aluminum via the blacksmiths, as well as a redesigned in-game graphical interface. There was also a small bug in...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.5

Fledgling GUI Version 0.0.5 brings the fledgling GUI in for Medieval Realms. Your in game statistics and server leader-boards are now be available via a graphical user interface - using the R key as a toggle. Currently your stats in the GUI are only loaded on joining...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.4

Under the hood Medieval Realms 0.0.4 doesn’t introduce many player observable changes but does reflect a huge under-the-hood upgrade to the MR Plugin. Many players might have noticed that the server was crashing out a couple of times a day. These crashes were caused...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.3

Medieval Realms 0.0.3 is now live. The new update to the server introduces a system called AXES. So what is AXES? Well AXES stands for Accolades eXended Ensconce System. I hear you all running for your dictionaries! So I’ll will save you some time 🙂 accolades,...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.2

I love Rising World! As you may have guessed from the previous post, I love Rising World. How excited was I when as someone who initially trained as programmer discovered the game was written in Java! However, I never did get my job as a Java Programmer; the recession...

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Medieval Realms 0.0.1

  Whilst logging in for my daily Witcher fix sometime during mid 2017 I saw this game called Rising World on Steam's suggestion list. I added it to my wish-list and promptly moved on. Effectively forgetting about the games existence for six months or...

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