Stayin’ Alive


Medieval Realms has been going since 2017 and relies on donations to keep going. The server and this website have a combined monthly upkeep of £45.00 (GBP). And that’s just to keep our digital head above the water! On top of this Medieval Realms has also invested a fair amount of funds into the purchases of additional graphics, 3D objects and sound effects for your enjoyment. There’s also the initial purchase of the server, backup software and backup media.

If you’ve made Medieval Realms your Rising World home, or maybe we’ve saved you a few quid each month as you no longer need to rent a server of your own. Then please do consider making a donation, or better yet a small monthly donation. The equivalent money to a cup of coffee or a pint of beer goes a long way to keeping this server going. One of the oldest independent Rising World server out there!

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Receive 1,000 crowns as a thank you for every £1.00 donated

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