Medieval Realms needs you!

Medieval Realms is not an official Rising World server (there aren’t any). But the server is operated on a professional level with dedicated hardware and support.

If you would like to help supporting the upkeep and development of Medieval Realms or would simply like to buy Yahwho a coffee (or a beer! 😉 ) as a thank you or all his hard work you now do so via a very kind PayPal donation.

Donations of all sizes are gratefully received! They really do help towards the upkeep costs of running the server.

  • Broadband line rental bills (I had to upgrade the broadband line here to support a higher upload speed)
  • Electricity bills (the server runs 24/7/365 always eating up electrons, which the man makes us pay for)
  • Server OS maintenance (I donate my own time to the server and it’s upkeep)
  • Development time (yes it’s a hobby – but it’s still hard work 🙂 )