This FAQ is here to answer some questions I frequently get asked about Medieval Realms.

How do I buy land?

You can buy land using the P key, sell the land back to land registry with the B key (a tax applies). Starting the game you should have enough crowns to purchase 3 acres of land and have some change left over from the Bard’s welcoming gift.

How do I earn crowns (money)?

You earn crowns for your survival time, around 200 crowns for 1 hour in pve mode and around 400 crowns for one hour in pvp mode. You can also earn crowns by selling items in the shops. If you are playing in pvp mode you can also get crowns from other pvp players by attacking them.

Some of the item say LOCKED does this mean I can unlock them?

No. This is a themed Rising World server. The items listed as LOCKED are modern day game assets. There are plenty of public multilayer servers offering unrestricted use of game assets. If you want unrestricted play, then please look elsewhere.

Is planks n beams available?

Yes, the popular Planks n Beams texture plugin written by Miwarre is available on Medieval Realms.

To run Planks and Beams type in /pnb into the chat console.

Can I use blueprints?

Yes. There is support for blueprints on this server. You are allowed to blueprint your own buildings in your AXES protected areas.

How do I rank up?

Ranking up is currently only based on time played – this won’t stay that way!

Can I fly?

No. This is a realistic survival server.

Can I be an admin?

No. There is no need for admins on Medieval Realms as the server plugin manages the world automatically. Please do not request to be considered as an admin.