Medieval Realms 0.0.4 doesn’t introduce many player observable changes but does reflect a huge under-the-hood upgrade to the MR Plugin. Many players might have noticed that the server was crashing out a couple of times a day. These crashes were caused by the way the AXES program was written. AXES used a SQLite database and the implementation was causing something called a Java Virtual Machine crash in native code (caused, I suspect by a race condition). The more people on the server, the more frequent the server was crashing. Bad times. As rolling back the plugin after so many people had already set up AXES protection wasn’t really an option I wished to take, I had to with hasten rewrite the code. Eighteen hours of coding later and the database bridge was totally rewritten, and this time using MySQL. I then wrote a migration application to migrate the data from SQLite to MySQL so everyone’s AXES areas were brought across to the new plugin.

The upside of all of this is that the server is now totally stable and has not crashed out once since the upgraded code was made live. The downside is that everything else was put on hold whilst this critical issue was addressed.

Many of you may have noticed that I was in the process of introducing a currency system onto the server using ingots. This is now my main priority. Mainly as the currency is what players are going to use to buy and sell land with on the server! I am but one man, and I am doing this in my spare time on top of my full-time day job whilst paying off a mortgage and looking after my family. I only have so much time! So please bear with me.

The introduction of the currency system may take a few weeks at least. I want to make sure it’s right first time and is not going to cause any further headaches. In the meantime, protect your most critical assets with your four AXES claims. If you see me on the server, I will aid you with the LUA Area Protection script to set up temporary protection areas. Once the currency system is fixed with MR 0.0.5 these temporarily protected areas will be removed and you will need to protect them yourselves with AXES.