The soon to be released update (aims are for this Friday evening – 9th March) involves two major changes for Medieval Realms.

The first of which is the removal of player files from the server and a move onto a MySQL database design instead. Up to now, each players’ statistical information were stored in a Medieval Realms Player Object file, a process known as Object Serialization. This isn’t a text file! It is a binary file. It turns out that this approach isn’t easily extended and worked on as the files require a specially written program to access the data held within them.

Moving Medieval Realms completely onto a MySQL design makes a lot more sense! Specially as the database is now setup for AXES.

This upshot of this move does unfortunately mean that all player statistics will be reset. Rest assured this is the only time this will ever happen! Migrating data from within binary files would require me to write a migration application, which would effectively only ever be used once. I would rather invest that time in adding to the servers features. Putting a positive spin on this; if you’ve died on Medieval Realms your “times died” counter will be reset to zero.

The second big change I want to talk to you about involves the removal of Mithril Ingots as the ingame currency. After trialling the approach for a few weeks and receiving feedback from players I have come up with a much better method to purchase and sell land. Do not threat though, your ingots are still valuable! All will be revealed in 0.0.5!

Medieval Realms 0.0.4_6 introduces a taster of 0.0.5 with our new medieval styled currency system: Crowns! Beforehand players were rewarded with one Mithril ingot for every six hours of gametime (something that not everyone got due to serialization issues), now players will be rewarded instead with crowns on a greatly reduced timescale.

Initially, whilst we find our feet, each chunk of land will be worth 1,000 crowns. And each player will be given 4,000 crowns to start with (like the four ingots before). Please note that exchange rates are being designed to fluctuate with supply and demand. Those who have ingots still in their ingot safe – I suggest you use them up before Friday so you don’t lose out.

See you in the Realms!