Shops shops shops! Blacksmiths, Tannery, and The Farm Shop

This update bring the ability to buy and sell more items – namely Iron, Tungsten, Copper, and Aluminium via the blacksmiths, as well as a redesigned in-game graphical interface. There was also a small bug in AXES which has now been fixed. But first and foremost let’s announce the winners of the blacksmiths competition! This was a very difficult decision as all the entries were of such great quality and I would like to thank everyone personally who took part – you have helped make this update possible!

At the spawn point near the bank you will find our new community blacksmiths, here you will be able to sell Iron, Tungsten, Copper, and Aluminium to the blacksmith. But be warned! He won’t accept ingots! He’s a busy (and often grumpy) blacksmith and does not have the spare time to process your ingots – so you must sell him rods ready for the anvil!

Change log:

  • [New] Blacksmiths shop where you can sell  Iron, Tungsten, Copper, and Aluminium rods
  • [New] Tannery shop where you can sell and buy animal skins
  • [New] Farm shop – buy farm animals wherever you are
  • [New] Tabbed GUI for ingame stats and leader-boards
  • [New] 30 avatars to choose from
  • [New] Automated animal spawning (live but currently in testing)

Hotfix 30-07-2018 (

  • [New] Ability to buy horse from farm shop
  • [New] Ability to buy donkey from the farm shop
  • [Bugfix] People can no longer take ingots or ore from furnaces that are not theirs
  • [Bugfix] Land claim exploit bug fixed