Player Owned Shops


How the Player Owned Shop system works.


Renting a Shop


At the fast travel locations (two as of writing this – accessible via the H key) Cerulean Castle (new spawn) and Dunningworth Castle (old spawn) there are a number of player-rentable shops. Where once rented, will allow you to sell any in game item to other players.

Shops are denoted by the scales symbol.

An unrented (and therefore available) shop will have the accompanying text – “Vacant Shoppe (P key to rent)”

Just stand in the shop and press the P Key to rent. You will rent a shop for 30 days. Pressing P again, will extend your rental period by another 30 days.

Stocking your Shop


Stocking your shop is super simple. Just add a chest inside your shop. Once you have a chest, simply drag an item or a stack of items into it. You will then get a window popup asking you how much you want to sell each item for. Please note, that once a chest is setup, the chest can only be stocked with the same item type.


Buying from shops


Everyone loves a bargin. When you’re in  someone’s shop you’ll know by the fact that the shop icon says something like “John’s Shoppe” instead of “Vacant Shoppe (P key to rent).  Just walk up to a chest and open it up to take a look at the sellers stock. Choose an item you like, and simply drag it into your inventory.

 Once dragged into your inventory a player-to-player transaction screen will appear. Asking you to confirm your purchase.