There are a few key bindings in Medieval Realms which all players should know. It will make life a lot easier for you! 🙂

Medieval Realms key bindings

R key: Toggle main menu on and off

P key: Claim (protect) an acre of land

B key: Sell an acre of land

V key: View all your acres of land

C key: Clear acres from view

Rising World key bindings

J key: Open up your journal

O key: Look at the time (if you have made a clock)

K key: Look at your compass (if you have made a compass)

M key: Look at your map

F key: Your main action key (it makes more sense to remap this to E)

T key: Open up chat

W key: Move forwards

S key: Move backwards

A key: Move left

D key: Move right

Space bar: Jump