There are a few key bindings in Medieval Realms and Rising World which all players should know. It will make life a lot easier for you! 🙂

Medieval Realms key bindings

These are the key bindings that relate to Medieval Realms, they won’t work on any other server!

R key: Toggle main menu on and off

The R key opens up the Realms menu. From here you can see all your game statistics, leader boards, as well as plugin settings.

P key: Claim (protect) an acre of land

The P key Protects an area of land for you. Once protected you own the deed for the acre. Only you and your friends will be able to interact and modify builds on your land. Registering a deed for an acre of land costs you 1000 crowns.

B key: Sell an acre of land

The B key Bins or better yet Sells (sorry – the S key is already a Rising World mapped key) your deed for the acre of land you are currently standing in. But beware, selling land comes with a charge from the Crown. You will receive 900 crowns for selling a deed.

V key: View all your acres of land

The V key will enable you to View all your areas of land. Once pressed all the deeds you own will be highlighted with a green boarder. This will easily enable you to see what areas of land you own and which areas are still vulnerable to attack.

C key: Clear acres from view

The C key will Clear the highlighted green claims from view.

U key: Toggle the utilities window

The U key will open up the Medieval Realms’ Utilities plugin. This plugin will enable you to select the rotation, precision, and length of the planks and beam system.

Rising World key bindings

J key: Open up your journal

O key: Look at the time (if you have made a clock)

K key: Look at your compass (if you have made a compass)

M key: Look at your map

F key: Your main action key (it makes more sense to remap this to E)

T key: Open up chat

W key: Move forwards

S key: Move backwards

A key: Move left

D key: Move right

Space bar: Jump