So you’re here because you want to know more about what’s planned for the future of Medieval Realms, Great!

  • Animal spawning. Code’s being written to respawn animals in already explored areas.
  • Shops! The plan is to have a player created shop for each physically exchangeable asset within Rising World. Currently we have shops for Blacksmiths, Tannery, as well as the Treasury. All centralised in the “middle” of the server (quickly reached with the /sos command. You can even now /sos whilst on a mount).
  • Stats. Stats. Stats! Who doesn’t like knowing stuff? MR is going to be stacked on stats. Everything, not just stone and ore, will be recorded.
  • Advanced XP system – not just time based, but a positive and negative floating system based on multiple variables.
  • Statistics and leaders system where you can view all the players (not limited to yourself and the current top 20 players).
  • A more Advanced PVP option with more risks and better rewards.
  • Additional game assets (extra models!).



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