Server Rules


Before playing on Medieval Realms you must first read and accept these server rules. Infringement may result in a permanent server ban.

Needless to say Medieval Realms is a medieval themed server, if you choose to play on this server you are expected to build medieval themed builds only. Constructions deemed inappropriate by admin will be removed without notice.

Remember, this Rising World server is a family friendly server.

The Rules

      1. No harassment, hate speech, or trolling
      2. No advertising of any kind
      3. No impersonating other players
      4. No offensive/inappropriate constructions, signs, or posters
      5. No requesting blueprints from admin
      6. No requesting terraforming
      7. No x-raying/hacking/cheating or exploiting bugs to give yourself an unfair advantage
      8. No client mods that give a distinct advantage to an individual
      9. No posting personal information (i.e. doxing)
      10. No use of copyrighted Medieval Realms material, including but not limited to; logo, avatars, inventory items, and 3D models
      11. Do not ask admin for free items
      12. Do not build too close to another player’s build without consent
      13. Do not not restrict all access to your builds – the map should be open for exploration