Sell Prices

Fox Pelt 4.75 crowns
Goat Pelt 10.18 crowns
White Goat Pelt 10.59 crowns
Sheep Pelt 10.34 crowns
Pig Hide 10.26 crowns
Boar Hide 10.19 crowns
Deer Pelt 10.82 crowns
Jaguar Pelt 11.05 crowns
Tiger Pelt 12.03 crowns
Cow Hide 13.25 crowns
Brown Cow Hide 13.45 crowns
Giraffe Hide 13.99 crowns
Moose Pelt 21.60 crowns
Bear Pelt 22.00 crowns
Black Bear Pelt 21.80 crowns
Polar Bear Pelt 23.20 crowns
Rhinoceros Pelt 45.05 crowns
Elephant Pelt 43.04 crowns

Buy Prices

Fox Pelt 5.70 crowns
Goat Pelt 12.21 crowns
White Goat Pelt 12.70 crowns
Sheep Pelt 12.41 crowns
Pig Hide 12.31 crowns
Boar Hide 12.22 crowns
Deer Pelt 12.98 crowns
Jaguar Pelt 13.26 crowns
Tiger Pelt 14.43 crowns
Cow Hide 15.90 crowns
Brown Cow Hide 16.14 crowns
Giraffe Hide 16.79 crowns
Moose Pelt 25.92 crowns
Bear Pelt 26.40 crowns
Black Bear Pelt 26.16 crowns
Polar Bear Pelt 27.84 crowns
Rhinoceros Pelt 54.00 crowns
Elephant Pelt 51.60 crowns


A unique user experience set in the middle ages for the epic game that is Rising World. Check out the Dev Blog for latest update news.


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