The Farm Shop

This shop is accessible anywhere you are (no need to head to the spawn city). This will enable you to purchase farm animals as well as certain mounts. Simply stand where you want your animal to appear and type in the command into the chat window (GUI will come eventually).


  • /buy chicken
  • /buy pig
  • /buy cow
  • /buy sheep
  • /buy horse
  • /buy donkey


  • Chicken 12.81 crowns
  • Pig 34.08  crowns
  • Cow 72.53 crowns
  • Sheep 160.28 crowns
  • Horse 870.14 crowns
  • Donkey 880.16 crowns



A unique user experience set in the middle ages for the epic game that is Rising World. Check out the Dev Blog for latest update news.


Server status: Online
Accepting connections: Yes



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