How to convert 0.0.6 map data to 0.0.7

Go to the folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RisingWorld\Map\

Here you will find a whole bunch of folders that contain the map data to the servers you’ve been on. I find it useful here to arrange the icons in date order – most recent modified date at the top.

You will need to locate the folder with the name _Medieval Sandbox- in.

Now there may be a few! You will need to copy the files from your most recent but one folder, and copy them into your most recent folder.

The part of the folder name that will have changed is the number part not blanked out in the example below:

*-*-*-*-****_762662099_Medieval Sandbox-**********

It’s always best practice to not delete files but to rename the original folder to foldername.old and create a new folder called [foldername] and the new files to you folder.