I love Rising World!

As you may have guessed from the previous post, I love Rising World. How excited was I when as someone who initially trained as programmer discovered the game was written in Java! However, I never did get my job as a Java Programmer; the recession hit and no one was hiring Junior programmers at the time. So I went into IT consultancy, a job I still do today ten years later. Over the years since completing my education I have written a few very small Java applications. They have mainly been to accomplish simple repetitive tasks, but there have been a couple of very basic 2D games too. Nothing within reach has really captivated my attention. When I discovered that the developer Red51 had made a public API available for the game I got really excited. I really did. Finally a chance to have fun programming! My childhood dream (that never came true – or did it?) to be able to program a 3D game. Okay, so I’m not really programming it, that credit is most duly reserved for Red51 and JIW Games, but I can help (even in the smallest of ways).

Something was missing, and I felt I could help make it happen. With Medieval Realms 0.0.2 I added the ability for players to keep track of some of their basic in-game stats like their current survival time. These stats are presented to the player whenever they login and can be viewed at any time with the command /stats


Change log:

  • [New] Server visit count stats
  • [New] Death records (how many times you’ve died on the server)
  • [New] Total play time stats
  • [New] Current survival time stats
  • [New] Personal best survival time stats
  • [New] Stats available via chat console command /stats