Medieval Realms 0.0.3 is now live. The new update to the server introduces a system called AXES.

So what is AXES? Well AXES stands for Accolades eXended Ensconce System. I hear you all running for your dictionaries! So I’ll will save you some time 🙂 accolades, meaning an award or privilege granted as a special honour and acknowledgement of achievement, and ensconce meaning the establishment of a settlement in a safe and comfortable place.

In other words for your achievements in game you will be awarded with safe areas to play and build your world where no other player can interfere or steal from you! This new system is controlled by a new in game currency – Mithril Ingots!

Every player starts with four beautifully shiny Mithril Ingots in a new inventory area which is called your Safe. Currently this inventory is “hidden” from view. Work on an inventory GUI is underway I can assure you! Who doesn’t want to see their pile of treasures? But for now, you can see how many ingots you own by either logging onto the server, where this information is displayed in the chat console, or via tying the command “/stats” into the chat console whilst in game. No more logging in and out again to see your game stats!

Currently Mithril Ingots are awarded to players via online game time. After a certain amount of online play time you will be awarded with a single Mithril ingot on your next login. These Mithril Ingots can then be invested in the purchasing of new lands!

To give you taste of the future, I’m making plans so that you will be able to transfer your mined ingots into your Safe. You’ll also be able to buy and sell land between players via the exchange of ingots!

I really hope you enjoy this addition I’ve made to this already great game!


Change log:

  • [New] AXES – player controlled land claim system