Fledgling GUI

Version 0.0.5 brings the fledgling GUI in for Medieval Realms. Your in game statistics and server leader-boards are now be available via a graphical user interface – using the R key as a toggle.

Currently your stats in the GUI are only loaded on joining the server. So if you want to see your own ‘current’ stats you will still need to type in the command /stats or relog.

The GUI will load automatically when you first login (that’s normal). You can either press the red x to close it down or press the R key on your keyboard to hide it. The R key is a toggle key – so you can check out the stats again at any time simply by pressing R again. Eventually the stats board will be updated periodically whilst in-game.

Please do take some time to familiarize yourself with the server rules. This is a themed survival server. Players found cheating, using exploits (programs, bugs, macros) to gain an advantage over other players or braking the rules will see themselves either penalized for doing so, or, for more serious infractions – banned. If you like Medieval Realms and you wish to keep playing on this server then respect the rules!

Change log:


  • [New] Basic GUI with leader-boards