To PvP or to PvE? That is the Question

This updates main feature is the ability to choose what kind of game-play you are after – PvE or PVP. Not sure what kind you want to play as? No worries! You can switch between game modes once every 24 hours. When you first join the server you must  first play as a PvE player for at least 24 hours. After the 24 hour welcome window has closed you can then choose to play as a PvP player. Being a PvP player means you will receive more crowns for you online survival time as opposed to those playing in PvE mode. You will also be able to attack (and mug) other PvP players. This also means they could do the same to you. Dead bodies often contain good loot!



  • [New] PVP and PVE modes
  • [New] Added new chat console command to change your chat colour using /colours to list available colours and /set colour <integer> to set
  • [New] Chat message command /w <message> allows you to whisper your message to players that are within 50 meters of you
  • [New] Chat message command /s <message> allows you to shout a message to everyone
  • [New] PVP players can now harvest other PVP players crops
  • [New] PVP players can only use /sos whilst not in combat and in full health
  • [New] PVP is not possible in the spawn area
  • [Change] The /sos spawn point has been moved outside to allow using the command whilst on a mount
  • [Change] Servers game mode has been changed to PVP
  • [Change] The servers name has been changed to signify that PVE is available (
  • [Bugfix] You could not craft items on someone elses land (such as torches) but still got charged resources. You can now craft basic items on other peoples land


Hotfix 03-08-2018 (

  • [New] You can now create blueprints within your protected areas
  • [Change] Placing stone now costs 3 blocks of stone


Hotfix 30-08-2018 (

  • [Change] Repeater rifle and ammo has now been locked
  • [Change] Metal ladder has been unlocked