Hi everyone! I would like to introduce to you Medieval Realms version 0.0.8. But first off I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, especially to those who have kindly donated towards Medieval Realms. 

There are many spectacular and inspirational builds all over the Realm, making the server a fantastic place to explore and call your Rising World home. The server continues to be a friendly and relaxed place for us all to chill out on. Again, thank you.

So down to business. Under the hood the code structure for Medieval Realms has completely changed. Previously there were just a few classes wrapped up in two jar files (plugins). Now there is just one jar file (plugin) and the containing classes are more specialised to their responsibilities making future updates to Medieval Realms easier.

Most noticeably version 0.0.8 brings a new and upgraded GUI (Graphical User Interface) over 0.0.7. There is also a few functional changes to the interface. When toggling the menu you will now be sent straight to your stats screen rather than your last viewed tab – this is intentional. The ingame statistics have been increased from the top 20 to the top 30 players so more people can see where they are on the boards – in time this will be further increased. Ingame statistics now periodically update (once every 5 minutes) and your own personal statistics update in sudo-realtime. Expect an XP board with ranks in the future.

Second main addition is the introduction of a new ingame assets. Gemstones! Currently gemstones are found deep underground inside certain ore deposits. They are very hard to find and therefore are very valuable. There are 10 gemstone types in total, each with a corresponding rarity and value. When you’re lucky enough to find a gemstone a gem icon will appear on your screen to let you know you found one and your balance will be automatically increased for the value of the gemstone (simulating an instant sale). I’ve started experimenting with 3D object creation software – hopefully we’ll get physical gemstones appearing in the future!

Once I work out how to create a new inventory location that works in the same way as the regular inventory you will not get an instant sale of gemstones, instead you will have to collect them in your new inventory slots and then take them to the spawn to sell.

There are several other updates and improvements to code functionality, (hopefully) all listed below.

    • [New] Upgraded & Auto Updating GUI
    • [New] 10 all new gemstone assets – Diamonds, Emeralds, Aquamarines, Amber, Alexandrites, Amethyst, Citrine, Sapphire, Rubies, and Opals.
    • [New] Upgraded Banking System with improved feedback
    • [New] Additional Bot Feedback
    • [New] Improved player action logging (for weeding out the nasties)
    • [New] Blacksmith shop now accepts ingots and plates
    • [New] Blacksmith shop now sells you items
    • [New] Tannery shop with buy from you and sell to you any kind of skin
    • [New] Stone masons shop where you can buy and sell stone
    • [New] Chat action command /a <action> allows you send an action message to all players
    • [Change] New players automatically assigned a colour
    • [Change] Bot messages changed
    • [Change] Colour change command now gives feedback
    • [Change] SOS command now gives feedback
    • [Bugfix] AXES bug fix where people could steel ingots from furnaces
  • [Bugfix] AXES bug fix where people could steel ore from furnaces
    • [Bugfix] Rhino hide bug fixed at tannery
  • [Bugfix] Boar hide bug fixed at tannery

Hotfix 11-10-2018 (

  • [Change] Bugfixes

Hotfix 19-10-2018 (

  • [New] Depth and elevation gauge
  • [Change] Farm shop prices changed
  • [Change] XP bar removed
  • [Bugfix] First gemstone found is now registered

Hotfix 17-12-2018 (

  • [Change] Bugfixes

Hotfix 23-12-2018 (

  • [Change] Bugfixes

Hotfix 23-012-2018 (

  • [Change] Bugfixes