Hi everyone

This one’s a super-bug-fix! First, I’ll give you the bad news and follow up with my reasoning – which I hope you will appreciate. When I launched version on Mar 23, 2019, I inadvertently broke the crowns-per-hour reward system. What can I say? Oops. This was not intentional! The result of which was players were for example logging in with 3,000.00 crowns and logging out (sometimes moments later) with a massive balance and time increase. This basically damaged the whole in-game economy and time keeping boards beyond repair. The only way I can see to easily (and quickly) resolve this is to slash the number of crowns in everyone’s bank and reset the time keeping boards. In order to do this fairly all has been reduced proportionately. Kings tax at its worst. On a positive note as I have had to reset the survival times, I have also reset your death counters to zero.

The economy system, which is still in alpha has been in a state of hyperinflation. Whilst the different variables are added (sources of income and expenditure) it is going to be inevitable that I must tweak the dials a little (alter prices up and down). I hope everyone understands why I must do this, and that ultimately the result will be more enjoyable server to play on. The server’s plugin after all is in alpha.

Okay over to some more bug that have been dealt with. Previously if a hostile NPC was on any claimed land the NPC became invincible. This clearly in a Player-vs-NPC situation put the NPC at an unfair advantage. This is no longer the case. If an NPC can attack you, you can attack the NPC regardless of where it is.

The next bug to be fixed is the time keeping boards (Legendary Champions and Tournament Leader) this should now be fixed. I will be closely monitoring this to make sure this is the case and that the new system (completely rewritten) serves up correct data this time (and eventually crowns). In addition to this bugfix and the new time keeping system being implemented you should now also be able to check your times on your Realms Menu home tab. This also meant the /stats CLI command has been depreciated as it ran off the old system first introduced in version

The bank (Royal Treasury) had a bug where you could only remove stacks to a maximum of 64. Previously when withdrawing a stack of 100 crowns you would be charged for 100 but would only receive 64. This is caused by a RW API limitation/bug (you can only receive items up to 64 but the stack size can be higher). I have written code to circumvent this – so withdrawing 100 crowns in cash will mean you get 100 crowns in cash.

And finally, a bug I’m sure you will all appreciate being squashed. Horses can no longer be mounted on protected land except for the landowner and those in their friend list. Please note though, you can dismount your own horse on someone else’s’ protected land and still remount your horse.  Unfortunately, it does appear you can still remove someone’s saddle on protected land. I’m struggling to find a workaround for this, and I’ve sent Red51 a message asking about it. This does mean though with the new protection that someone can not come onto your protected land, place a saddle on a mount and ride off with it. They can place the saddle, but they will not be able to ride it!

Previously players were awarded crowns for time played. This is no longer the case. Crowns are now earned only by killing bandits, finding gemstones, and selling items. Crowns were originally awarded for game time because there were no other mechanisms to earn crowns. Because these mechanisms now exist, this old passive income is now no longer available.

Finally, the XP gain system is being looked into, so there will be some tweaks and possible resets here in the near future. This should also fix the title system. You can gain XP for multiple achievements: survival time (a higher XP gain in PVP mode over PVE mode), killing bandits, destroying the undead, finding gemstones, and for killing dangerous animals. Maybe more methods to come! Like farming and rearing animals.