Greetings everyone!

A tiny update with a big message! The crowns-per-hour system is now working again. In other news…

I think it’s about time to explain what is going on with Medieval Realms. I’m sure some may even have started to wonder…

First off – I have all intention on continuing developing Medieval Realms as a plugin for Rising World.  Games still awesome! Honestly though, I’ve just not had any free time to play it recently.

The developers of Rising World are currently in the process of a pretty monumental game change. The result of which mean the current API might not work (or might work – we’re not sure yet!) – No need to know what API means – basically, Medieval Realms relies on the API to function. Without the API MR (Medieval Realms) just won’t work.

Therefore, I am holding off any further development of the Plugin’s code until things are a little clearer.

Another big change that’s coming our way is a World Reset. That is, a clean slate, everything, yes everything (including your secret silver stash) is gone! This is both good and bad news. Good that it means we get a whole new world to live in, and bad that it means we lose all our buildings and creations.

Having said that, Red51 has said that you will be able to use your old blueprints with the new release. I strongly recommend to anyone on MR to back up their buildings via blueprints. I’ll remind you all again in the coming months but take this as the first warning – Medieval Realms will have a world reset.

The next version of MR will have to be re-written for the new API from the ground up. Including the database. So, land deeds, survival stats, crowns, and so forth will all be reset.

Whenever I get some time over the coming months, I will research further into design patterns and application abstractions in preparation for the code rewrite. More knowledge means better code!

And finally, remember, although a world reset is coming there’s no need to stop playing. Rising World is an awesome game and every building and creation you make is learning curve. You’ll only get better!

Much love,