First, I would like to wish you all and your families well during these troubled times. I won’t talk on the subject any further as I’m sure – like me – computer games are a great means of escapism. So let’s leave that mess at the door and get on with some Medieval Realms update news!

So it’s been six months since the server received any donations to help with the upkeep. Not a problem, I’ve kept the server going out of my own pocket because I feel there is far too much history in the Medieval Realms server (we’ve been going now since 2017!).

In the last few days though I’ve received two generous donations from two amazing players. (To those two players: I’m not sure if you want naming so I’ll leave you anonymous for now – unless you don’t mind me publishing your handles? Let me know and I’ll get your names in the announcement).

Anyways, thanks to these two generous individuals I decided the best way I could say thank you to them was to get on with some coding. And I’ve done just that!

So let me introduce to you the version update! It’s not a huge update, but it might have huge benefits to players. There is now a new and updated Fast Travel screen. Instead of just being able to fast travel to your last used bed you can now travel quickly to four different locations – two of which you can set yourself.

Fast Travel

– GO TO BED – this will transport you to your last used bed/shelter
– FAST TRAVEL LOCATION – once set, you can fast travel to any self appointed Fast Travel Location
– CERULEAN CASTLE – this will transport you to Cerulean Castle (the new spawn location – named after UseTheBlues castle which now dominates the skyline there.) directly into the Player Owned Shoppe area.
– DUNNINGWORTH CASTLE – this will transport you to Dunningworth Castle (the old spawn location) directly into the Player Owned Shoppe area.

P.s. Now that we have this the /sos command has been depreciated.

Look forward to seeing you all on the server.

Best wishes,