The Medieval Realms world is created by you – the player. Without doubt our world is now massive. Collectively we surpassed the four-year milestone last month. A truly amazing feat. When I launched the server back in 2017, I had no idea the server and our community would grow like this – in fact, I thought it would just be me. So, I would like to send out a very personal thank you to everyone who make this server what it is. Without you, there would be no Medieval Realms.

There has been a quiet spell on updates but that is because I have been working away behind the scenes on something a little different. Still Medieval Realms stuff though! I mean why else would I be telling you this?

The eagle eyed upon you might have noticed that the website now shows game stats such as total survival time and gives (an epic) shoutout to the most recent player. In fact, the last update 0.1.6 brought the ability for players to share their stats with other players. This was something I had originally intended to do via the game UI but as the API is changing and the UI elements are extremely affected (so much so that Red effectively told me best to stop writing UI elements for the time being).

Now, because the world is massive. It is becoming easier and easier to miss some of these incredible builds. Some time back I had asked players to start posting screenshots on the Rising World forums. Now, understandably not everyone has the time or knowledge (or desire at that) to do this. So, I set about making the process more user-friendly. This is the core concept of this update in Medieval Realms version 0.1.7!

So, without further ado let me introduce version 0.1.7 – Community Screenshots.

The new Community Screenshots feature is accessible via your `K` key (think K for camera klick 🙄). Once pressed you will see a camera overlay on your screen. There are two prerequisites for taking photos. The first being you must have acuminated over two days of game time on the server. And secondly you must have film in your camera! Each camera can be loaded with up to three film rolls at a time. Each film roll will only allow you take one photo. This is the middle ages!

You will see how many film rolls you have available in the top right of your camera screen. Press the Red Camera Icon to put your camera away or press the Green Camera Icon to take a photo. Camera film is automatically added to your camera after every hour of game time (up to a maximum of the three stored rolls) to all players with over two days of total game time.

So why use this new screenshot feature and not just create a screenshot with F12? Well, these screenshots are automatically uploaded to the Medieval Realms Player Gallery. Viewable by everyone.

Other bonus updates in this version include the introduction of the /setsize command. I know some people will be happy to hear this 😁. Just issue the command via the chat window the same way you would via the console in Single Player. The only limitation is that you cannot set blocks larger than 1 1 1.

The problem with being unable to get back on your mount in claimed land has also been fixed. Feedback please on this one.

And finally, those players who choose to hardcore it out in PvP mode are given an additional hourly bonus of 200 crowns.