This is possibly the last major update to the Medieval Realms Plugin on the JMonkey engine. In fact I am almost certain it will be. The next major update will be version 0.2.0 – a complete rewrite for the Unity engine release. It’s been a rollercoaster of learning for me over these last three years and it’s amazing the support you guys give me. Thank you so much! Honestly, thank you! This update almost never happened, in fact I had all but given up on thinking it would be ready in time. Yet here it is. . .

Introducing Potions and Animal Breeding!

With this update you can herd and breed animals. My aim has always been to make this server as realistic as possible in its mechanics. That’s why I never change the time or the weather. With this in mind the breeding process requires that you find both a male and female animal of the same species (obviously). You can’t breed animals with just one, or with two of the same sex! More in-depth information on this can be found on the Animal Breeding page.

The animals need to be close to each other for this to work. You will also need to help ‘encourage’ them by brewing up a special potion. The reasoning behind this is two fold. 1. Because I did not want animal breeding to be too easy, and 2. because I did not want the animal breeding update to just be a clone of the publicly available ABM (Animal Breeder Master) plugin.

In regards to making it harder, each potion requires three basic elements.

  1. 1x Glass Pane. This is to to reprocess into the glass bottle. You will have to find sand first!
  2. 2x Potato. This is to create the alcohol base ingredient. A potato farm might be a good idea.
  3. 1x or 2x Perch, Salmon, or Catfish. Giving you more of a reason to use a fairly recently introduced game mechanic of fishing.

Not only is there a potion for each of the domesticated animals (Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, and Deer) you will also find there are three strengths of potion. The stronger potions are called Enhanced and the strongest being Superior. The stronger the potion the higher chance it will work. With this in mind, understand that when giving a potion to an animal it will not always work as intended!

In particular, all animals will drink any potion given to them. So make sure you feed them the correct one, otherwise they’ll just end up really confused. And you will have wasted a potion.

Probably even more importantly is this. I’ve made it possible to drink any of the potions. It’s probably not advisable though! The standard potions will make you feel unwell, the Enhanced potions might even kill you, and the Superior ones certainly will! So feed the potion to the NPC with your action key, defaulted as F, but many have remapped (like me) to the E key.

Each domesticated NPC can be fed food using your action key whilst holding the food in your hand. Each animal has a certain group of foods they love, so not only will they eat them, they’ll pester you for more until they realise you’ve got no more food. You can use this to your advantage and herd them into pens. I’m not going to tell you exactly which foods these are – you will just have to experiment and find out for yourself.

( Psst! For example, chickens love worms and seeds! )

As a little extra, you’ll also find new health and luck potions. Powerful brews that will help revive you from the gravest of wounds and may even give you a winning edge?

The basic potions can be made anywhere (just like making torches), they are namely – Ramshorn (for sheep), Bullsvein (for cows), Roostersclaw (for chickens), Goatsgruff (for goats), Swineswill (for pigs), and Bucksluck (deer). The health potions are boringly named Health Potion, Enhanced Health Potion, and Superior Health Potion – same goes for the Luck potions.

Well that’s all folks! Until the Unity update no more Dev Blog posts. However, you may still find me posting occasionally on the Blog.

Take care all,