Hey everybody, a new update for MR has dropped.

  • New deed management options
  • Deed names increased from 30 characters to 60 characters
  • Bot now progresses time after 22:00 (after first sleep)
  • New bot death messages
  • Minor bug fixes

Land Management Menu

So, this update has increased the functionality of the Land Management Menu (accessed via the B Key). I had to create my own algorithm here as effectively what I’m trying to do is a “flood fill” but in three dimensions 🤔. Could I find something that fitted the bill? Nope!

This algorithm that I created had to be fast. Which I can proudly say; it is! During my tests, I was able to rename over 5,000 connected land deeds, and save all this to the database in less than 50 milliseconds ⚡ (on my workstation, not even server hardware!).

So although the update may not look like much to some, it was in fact a pretty tought job. And one that I had to get right, first time. When we are dealing with land deeds, we are deeling with land protection, and therefore we are deeling with looking after your builds! Something that I take very seriously.

That said, MR is backed up, not by one backup system but by two. So as long as you protect your builds with deeds, your builds are safe here (pst! no server resets either!).

The updated deed management menu now includes;

  • Rename single deed
    • Just like before, you can set the name of an individual deed
  • Rename all connected deeds
    • This option will allow you to rename the deed you are standing in, and all vertically and horizontally connected deeds and any deeds vertically and horizontally connected to those deeds, and on and on and on…
  • Rename all unconnected deeds
    • This option will rename all you deeds in the whole of MR that are not the deed you are standing in, or is connected to said deed.
  • Rename all deeds
    • Rename everything all in one go!
  • Sell single deed
    • Just like before, you can sell an individual deed
  • Sell all connected deeds
    • You can now sell the cluster of deeds you are standing in in one foul swoop
  • Sell all unconnected deeds
    • Moved base? Want to sell all those old deeds lurking around but keep your new base? Use this option!
  • Sell all deeds
    • Time for a clean slate? Sell everything all at once!
  • Set default deed name
    • This allows you to set the default land deed name for your deeds, by itself it doesn’t change anything. But it does autofill your deed rename options to save those fingers.

I’ve also made some of the dialogue boxes a little more user-friendly and standardised across the plugin.

Just a reminder, MR is still very much in development, this is why I have chosen to use the vanilla dialogue boxes. Once MR has taken more shape, and more of the features on my roadmap are in place I’ll then start working on the GUI/UX. But that’s a long way off.

Bot updated

The bot now progresses the time to 7AM (07:00) when the any *one* player goes to bed after 10PM (22:00). So no need for everyone to get into a bed when it starts to get really dark.

The bot also has some new death messages. But, try not to test them out… ok? 😉

Update Video

Before you watch this video, I want to say I am sorry, I really am. Work has been really busy but I still wanted to make sure I continued to release an short update video as I’ve done in the past. But in reality, I really didn’t have the time to do this. However, I did manage to spent an hour making one. A lot of coffee was invoved. And tbh I think I was losing the plot… or should that be deed? 🤪

Anyways, here it is, “enjoy”?

With Huge Thanks! 🥳

Huge, huge thanks go to Solveign, Bamse, Shadow Warrior, Disco, HDSoares, Xottel, MommaT, and Hexa! This version is specially dedicated to you guys! ❤

What’s Next?

Normally these version update posts only include information on the update. Having said that; the next MR update will bring back the bank. 🤫

I think that’s it! All the best guys, and as always, let me know if you find any bugs!