Thinking about making a donation but not quite sure if you should? Here’s a few reasons why making a donation or two is a good idea.

  • Hardware, I purchased the physical hardware that Medieval Realms runs on. It’s a business grade Dell PowerEdge server and it’s pretty powerful I can tell you! Normally the servers CPUs operate at 5-10% (so there is plenty of scope for future growth). There are also several hard disk drives that are rotated each day which containing tons of backups. Our world will not be lost!
  • Software, having the server onsite and fully in my control also means the responsibilities are mine too. I have to pay for the antivirus software, firewall software, and backup software. On top of this there is also server maintenance tasks that need undertaking on a regular basis – this all costs time.
  • Electricity, the server runs 24/7/365 and is constantly gobbling up electrons, and as we all know too well electrons down a copper wire aren’t free.
  • ISP charges, we’ve broadband upped our broadband connection here just to make sure we had enough upload speed to accommodate players like you and to minimise nasty lag. If we get enough regular donation we would love to upgrade to a 50/50 download upload business line (but I think we’re a little bit far from that at this moment in time 😉 )
  • Website, hosting this website which you’re reading right now aims to provide players like you with as much information as possible about Medieval Realms. The domain registration and subsequent hosting package costs money to run – on a monthly basis.
  • Game assets. If you’ve already played on the server you’ll know there is a custom GUI and custom items like gemstones. The GUI elements and 3D models are created not by me but by hired graphical designers (code I can write, fancy graphics I can’t). As such these graphics are not free. They aren’t cheap either, cheap graphics look cheap, and nobodies wants cheap looking graphics!

So after reading all that why donate? Well, simply put, your kind donations are what makes Medieval Realms possible. Without your donations we simple could not operate this multiplayer server (unless of course we win the lottery – winning numbers anyone?).

Every donation no matter how large or small go towards the future development of what I hope you see as the best medieval server on Rising World.

Thanks for reading, much love, Yahwho.